Neural Systems Lab

Research in the Neural Systems Lab at the University of Washington focuses on understanding the brain using computational models and simulations, and applying this knowledge to the task of developing human-like artificial intelligence (AI) and brain-computer interfaces (BCIs). 

We utilize data and techniques from a variety of fields, ranging from neuroscience and psychology to artificial intelligence, machine learning and statistics. Current efforts are focused on

(1) Hierarchical predictive coding and probabilistic models to understand the brain,

(2) Neuroscience-inspired general AI frameworks for vision and reinforcement learning, and

(3) BCIs and brain co-processors that utilize AI to interact with brain circuits to restore and augment human function.

Lab news

[Sep 2023] Welcome to the lab, Matt Bryan!

[Jul 2023] Preston's CogSci award paper is covered by UW CSE News here

[May 2023] Congratulations to Timmy on passing his M.S. defense!!!

[May 2023] Congratulations to Preston for winning a Computational Modeling Prize in Perception/Action at CogSci 2023

[April 2023] Two papers accepted to CogSci 2023! Congrats, Dimi, Vishwas, and Preston! 

[April 2023] Congratulations to Ellie on her paper titled "In-Home Video and IMU Kinematics of Self Guided Tasks Correlate with Clinical Bradykinesia Scores" being accepted to IEEE NER 2023! 

[Dec 2022] Congratulations to Dr. Courtnie Paschall on passing her Ph.D. defense titled "In virtualis re: Virtual Reality for implanted Brain Computer Interface Design and Human Neural Engineering"! You can watch the recording here

[Oct 2022] Congratulations to Samantha for winning the IEEE Brain Best Student Paper and a finalist for IEEE SMC Best Paper! Her work is titled "Human Intracortical Responses to Varying Electrical Stimulation Conditions Are Separable in Low-Dimensional Subspaces".

[Oct 2022] Courtnie was selected as a finalist for the International BCI Award for her work titled “In virtualis re: An Intracortical NeuroHaptic Interface in Virtual Reality". Congrats, Courtnie!
[Aug 2022] Congratulations to Dr. Dimi Gklezakos on passing his Ph.D. defense titled "Artificial Neural Networks with Dynamic Connections"!

[Jun 2022] Congrats to Preston for winning the best poster award at the NeuroVision workshop at CVPR!

[Jun 2022] SEVEN abstracts submitted to SfN!!! Great job everyone!

[Jun 2022] Four papers accepted to CVPR NeuroVision workshop! Congrats, Team! Learn more about their work here