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Our research focuses on understanding the brain using computational models and simulations, and applying this knowledge to the task of building intelligent robotic systems and brain-computer interfaces (BCIs). We utilize data and techniques from a variety of fields, ranging from neuroscience and psychology to machine learning and statistics. Current efforts are directed at: (1) understanding probabilistic information processing and learning in the brain, (2) building biologically-inspired robots that can learn through experience and imitation, and (3) developing interfaces for controlling computers and robots using brain- and muscle-related signals.


Projects and Publications


Press Coverage

Human-Robot Interaction (2010)

Babies and social robots (press release)

o   Article in Neural Networks

o   Popular Science, Slashdot, Daily Tech

o   Mumbai Mirror, USA Today, NY Magazine

o   Engadget, io9, Laptop magazine

New York Times (mentions our robot Morphy)

Brain-Computer Interfacing (2010)


Discovery News




Neural Augmentation by Brain-Computer Interfacing (2010)

Science Daily


Daily Tech

Tech Radar

Money Times

Tiscali (Italian)

DNI (Russian)

Brain-Controlled Humanoid Robot (2007)

CBS News (News video)

ABC News (Video)


Popular Mechanics

The Telegraph

Discovery Channel

National Public Radio

Seattle Times

King 5 TV News

The Motley Fool








  • Humanoid Robotics Lab, Allen Center 286
  • Brain Computer Interface Lab, Allen Center 208


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