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Labs For lab resources maintenance purposes. Write information about hardware, software, their specs, software licences, etc.

GridLab A beginning documentation of all things GridLab & ECoG.


Projects Write about basic set ups (e.g., repos, related papers, etc..), meeting notes, progress report, documentations for the codes, technical details (e.g., instruction for using resources), tutorials, etc.

Neural Systems Lab Weekly Group Meeting

Thursdays @ 3:30pm in CSE286

2011-2012 Meeting Page


Conferences Organize up-coming conferences here. Write down conferences which our lab frequently submit to.


  • Kaitlyn Casimo (CSE 290)
  • Felix Darvas (CSE 292)
  • Jeff Ojemann
  • Rajesh Rao (CSE 566)
  • Dev Sarma (CSE 290)
  • Melissa Smith (CSE 290)
  • Nancy Wang (CSE 514 & CSE 290)
  • James Wu (CSE 292)


FAQ Write down things that new incoming student should know, learn - in general. More detailed project specific FAQ should belong in each Project page.


Links Write down interesting, related, possibly useful links for lab people.